Monday, October 22, 2012

Chapter 22

This is the chapter where the group arrives at Weedpatch.  The characters that appear in this chapter are of course the Joads, Timothy and Wilkie Wallace, Mr. Thomas and all the other camp members.  This is where things actually start looking up for Joads.  They finally have found a place to sleep and eat comfortably in a place where everybody has had similar struggles.  Another upside to this chapter is that Tom actually finds good work with Timothy and Wilkie Wallace getting 30 cents an hour.  Unfortunatly, they found out that the wage has been cut to only 25 cents per hour now.

One important theme in this chapter is when Tom finally lands a decent job.  This is basically the first bit of good news that the Joads have heard since the start of their journey.  It shows that there may actually be a little light at the end of the tunnel. Another important theme is having an organized "government" in the campsite.  This helps lead the people to more friendly tendencies when they are actually given a voice such as in Weedpatch.

An important passage is one at the end of page 294 when Mr. Thomas talks about how the bank is making him lower his wage to only 25 cents.

The chapter that mostly resembles this one is one way earlier in the book before the Joads even started on the road.  I believe it compares to this time because it was the only other time where hope was evident in the story.  This chapter contrasts with chapter 21 because this is when they find out that most groups despise the Okies, but we find out this isn't true and they can actually get hired for work.

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