Monday, October 15, 2012

migration was a huge theme of the depprision. people from all over were moving west to california. the dust bowl had forced many of them out of there homes because they couuld not make a living off the land anymore. this was one of the largest migrations in the history of the us. we see this theme today not so mch in america but more peole comming to america. people imigrating toj the us for several reasons such as more freedom, aand more job oportunties.
this is a family loading up and getting ready to move west to califormia to try and make a bettter living.


  1. Actually a lot of people are starting to migrate again to locations where there are mining, oil, and natural gas jobs.

  2. It's crazy how many people moved to get these opportunities that were for the most part not that great to begin with. The sad part was that these "opportunities" was better than what they were living with before they all moved. I cannot even imagine living in a place like this country was on the western half during this time period and just picking up everything and leaving on a chance.


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