Monday, October 8, 2012

Chapter 11

Even though this is a small chapter, to me it represents in a way the connection between the farmers and their land.
"The houses were left vacant on the land, and the land was vacant because of this. Only the tractor sheds of corrugated iron, silver and gleaming, were alive; and they were alive wit metal and gasoline and oil..."
"And when a horse stops work and goes into the barn there is a life and vitality left, there is a breathing and a  warmth, and the feet shift on the straw, and the jaws champ on the hay, and the ears and the eyes are alive. There is warmth of life in the barn, and the heat and smell of life. But when the motor of a tractor stops, it is as dead as the ore it came from."

In my opinion this chapter represents the emotions of farmers leaving their land. It is explained in the chapter that even though the new corporate farm workers will continue to work the land, these men have no real connection to their work. They will just go to the farm, drive a tractor over it, and leave to go home.
This separation between work and life causes men to lose wonder for their work and for the land. 

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