Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grapes of Wrath Response

I believe chapter 13 was the most engaging as well as important because Grandpa, who was an important character, had passed away unexpectedly. Also, The Joads meet the Wilsons, who seem like they are going to be important characters later in the story. An important theme that I see in this chapter is the idea that a journey this great is most likely going to have many hardships, but also many great adventures. Clearly, Grandpa's death was a hardship the family had to face early on in the trip, and it most likely foreshadows more horrible events to come. At the same time, the family meets the Wilsons, who seem like they are going to be great partners along the road. An important passage from the chapter was "The staring eyes moved toward his voice but did not find him. the lips practiced a speech but did not speak it. Casey felt the pulse and he dropped the wrist and put his hand on Grandpa's forehead". This was a great foreshadow of the tragedy to come.


  1. I agree with you that Grandpa was an important character. Maybe his death is foreshadowing for the hardships possibly ahead.

  2. I agree aswell, Chapter 13 is full of depression and hope at the same time. It is clearly a turning point.

  3. I think that because the grandpa died so early in the trip, it shows that the journey will be long and difficult


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