Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Engaging Chapter Tyler Lacks

     The chapter that most engaged me was chapter fifteen because it was interesting to see how some people were reacting when they personally witness some of the farmers that are trying to move out west to try and get a better chance for themselves.  Some, like Mae, are kind of tired of seeing this many people trying to beg for free things and are about done helping those that need, while there are still others, like Al, who are still trying to do what they can to help anyone that can use it.  One passage that caught me was on page 161;
     "So long," said Bill.
     "Mae called, "Hey! Wait a minute.  You got change."
     "You go to hell," said Bill, and the screen door slammed.
     This passage caught my attention because it seemed a little odd for the truck driver to get so mad over something like what just happened.  The truck driver seemed a little upset that he felt like he had to pay for the kids candy on top of the pie and on top of their tip.

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  1. I also thought the truck driver was mad because she helped the little kids. It turned out that "You go to hell" was a completely different meaning than we assumed.


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