Friday, October 19, 2012

Chapters 23 & 24: Kris Brown

Chapter 23
Characters: Migrant Workers, A man recruited against Geronimo
Summary: Migrants scutter around for jobs; meanwhile a man is describing his time among rifleman that shoot "Injun's", stories of the city life, getting drunk, string bands and dancing.
Main Theme: The main theme was by using juxtoposition of the main storyline, describe the life of other people during this time period. One question about this chapter is, where exactly is this man from? It leads me to believe Texas because it is mentioned occasionally, but it never is clear.
Passage: " Maybe that Injun knowed somepin. Knowed we couldn' shoot Jes' laid there with the rifles cocked...Lookin' at him. Head-band, one feather. Could see it, an' naked as the sun. Long time we laid there an' looked, an' he never moved. An' then the captain got mad. 'Shoot, you crazy bastards, Shoot!' he yells. An' we jus' laid there. 'I'll give you to a five-count, an' then mark you down,' the captain says...An' ever' man hoped somebody'd shoot first. I ain't never been so sad in my life. An' I laid my sights on his'--then. Well, he jest plunked down an' rolled."
Chapter 24
Characters: Willie Eaton, Ezra Huston, Timothy Wallace, Ma Joad, Ruthie, Winfield, Al, Rose of Sharon, Pa, Uncle John, Tom, Jule Vitela.
Summary: Uncle John and Pa leave to look for work; Willie, Huston, Timothy, Jule and Tom all band together to root out men they suspect are sent to start a fight at the dance which allows for the police to interfere with their private community. Ma, Ruthie, Winfield, Rose of Sharon all stay near the tent and watch the dance; Al goes to the dance and flirts with girls. Jule spots the men and they are captured, questioned, and kicked out of the camp.
Main Theme: The people of the camp simply want to enjoy their autonomous collective without the interferance of the police, but the cops send in men to start a riot so that they can intervene and govern the camp. A question that could be asked is, What exactly becomes of the men that are kicked out of the camp? It says that they disappear into the darkness, but it leaves it open ended as if they might make another appearance in the book.
Passage:"'Awright boys, put 'em over the back fence. An' don't hurt 'em. They don't know what they're doin'.'..Jule said 'Le's jes' take one good kick at 'em.'
'No you don't!' Willie cried. 'I said we wouldn'.'
'Jus' one nice little kick,' Jule pleaded. 'Jes' loft 'em over the fence.'
'No sir,' Willie insisted...The three men climbed over the fence and disappeared into the darkness."

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