Monday, October 22, 2012

Chapter 22

Characters: Tom Joad, Timothy Wallace, Wilkie Wallace, Mr Thomas, Jim Rawley, Mrs. Sandry.

Summary: In this chapter the Joads come across a government sponsored camp called The Weedpatch camp. It is self governed so the local police can't abuse the people living there. After arriving Tom meets two men, Timothy and Wilkie Wallace, who take him to a ranch that is looking for work. Once there they meet the boss of the ranch, Mr. Thomas. He tells them about the Farmers’ Association which puts a cap on how much he can pay the men, 25 cents an hour. Mr. Thomas also tells the men of the Farmers Association to start a riot in the Weedpatch camp so the local police can step in and kick everyone out. At the camp Ma Joad meets the camp manager, Him Rawley. He is very kind to Ma and revives her lost hope for human kind. Also Mrs. Sandry stops by and tells Rose to beware of the sinning that goes on in the camp, and that if she sins her baby will be born dead.

Themes: The two themes that I noticed and thought were important were how man kind can be good, and that sometimes you must be patient.

Passages: Pg. 294 - 295
                 Pg. 320

Compare and Contrast: This chapter is similar to chapter 13 because the Joads meet people that want to help them. Also they are still living in improvised house and communities.  
                                           This chapter differs from chapter 21 because is 21 they talk about how the locals from together in to bands that terrorize the okies. In 22 Mr. Thomas shows that not all of the locals hate the okies and that they are willing to pay them good for work.

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  1. very nice summary. Its both informative and concise


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