Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploration 7: Highway 66

In the book the Joads travel to California on Highway 66, also known as Route 66. This highway is the main travel route for those that are migrating from the "dust bowl" to California. Route 66 is 2,448 miles long and stretches from Chicago down through Tulsa Oklahoma and finally comes to an end in Santa Monica California.
Route 66 was originally written into law in 1927 but was not fully paved until 1938. In 1985 the highway was officially removed from the United States Highway system after the entire route had been replaced by interstate highways, although some parts of the road have been designated  a National Scenic Byway. Ever since it's official retirement as a highway several groups have refurbished gas stations, service stations and have even converted several into Route 66 museums.
A refurbished station in Illinois part of the original Route 66.


  1. It's really interesting that some of the gas stations are now museums. I never knew that until now and I bet they would be pretty cool to visit.

  2. Its sad to see that a road that millions of people traveled on in hopes of a new life has now basically gone.

  3. The gas station museums seem like a very interesting place to visit. I think its important to have these types of places in honor of those who traveled along Route 66.

  4. Awesome accomplishment for the engineers. This was awesome to be able to connect places that were so far apart and also create a lot of jobs just to create the thing. It was a good little boost to the economy and got more people working again for a good cause.


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