Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploration 7: Escaping the Hardships

Throughout the reading, you begin to wonder how the people moving west tried to keep their minds off of everything going on.  Once the Joads get to the government camp, every weekend ther is a dance to distract the migrants from everything bad that is happening around them.  Chapter 23 is all about the migrants trying to find ways to clear their minds, by drinking, telling stories, listening to music, and going to sermons.  When I get in a situation where I need to clear my mind, I will listen to music, just like what the migrants did during the depression.  Escaping the hardships during the Great Depression is a big theme because everyone needs to get away from it for awhile.
Dancing and Listening to music during the Great Depression helped people escape the hardships.


  1. I agree this was a large part of the Great Depression because the book often mentions certain artists and songs of the era.

  2. it would have benn very hard to keep your mind off of all the struggles they were going through

  3. I think when the book talked about how people were able to gather around campfires and laugh and enjoy the little things from songs or stories really helped the migrants push forward during The Great Depression.

  4. True that Ryan. People back then probably were able to appreciate the chances they got to just get a way from the struggles more than we do today. Some people back then were not able to even get a slice of bread all the time and probably saw a cookie as high end stuff. It was a sad part of our history, but it did happen. Good for those who found the good stuff in live in that time.


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