Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Charity of Others: Chapter 15

I really enjoyed chapter 15. I found the short side story about the diner insightful. I think that the side stories and facts between chapters about the Joads give the book depth. It helps build a background of the time. The theme about how people at the time were generous and understanding, was important to this chapter. This sort of reaction by people to the plight of the poor is becoming rarer and rarer these days.

In the following scene, the waitress, Mae, just sold two pieces of candy to the poor man for a penny. Even though the candy was a nickle apiece candy. The two children just claimed their candy...

"They reached timidly, each took a stick, and they held them down at their sides and did not look at them. But they looked at each other, and their mouth corners smiled rigidly with embarrassment."

Found on page 161.


  1. I agree on your opinion about how now a days it is a lot more rare to see people helping each other out.

  2. Mae didn't really want to sell the bread in the first place but then Al changed her mind. I don't think she would have sold the bread or the candy for a cheaper price if Al wasn't there.


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