Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploration 7 - The Battle of Geronimo (Daryn Lyons)

     At the very beginning of Chapter 23, a man tells a story about how he was involved in the Battle of Geronimo. "I was a recruit against Geronimo----...Took three regiments to kill a hundred braves---always." I have never heard of Geronimo, so I decided to research it.
     The Battle of Geronimo was less of a battle, and more of someone standing up against oppression. Geronimo was an native american who was living on reserves. He was known in his tribe as a Shaman (medicine man) and war leader. Geronimo had many past encounters with the law but, this was the worst to date.
     In May 1885, Geronimo fled with 35 warriors and 109 women and children after the sudden arrest of one of the tribe's warriors. They fled back to Sierra Madre Mountains where they held out until their base of operations was infilitrated in January 1886. Many of the people surrendered by the end of March 1886, but Geronimo and 38 other escaped. They were finally cornered in Skeleton Canyon by General Nelson Miles. They finally surrendered in Septemeber 1886. Geronimo and some other warriors were shipped to Fort Pickens in Pensacola as prisoners. Geronimo was taken back to his family the following year after his tribe were moved to Mount Vernon Barracks in Alabama. After five years, they were taken to Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
    This relates to current day life because it is a story about a man tired of being oppressed by a clearly stronger force. It follows the theme of revolt and standing up to "the man."
A picture of Geronimo at the age he would have been during The Battle of Geronimo.

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  1. This is a pretty interesting story. I think you could have done a better job of relating it to today's world though.

  2. It's neat that the man in our reading was actually in this battle. This just proves how long ago the Great Depression actually was and the book is still read so often years later.

  3. I believe the theme is very important because it represents more than just one event. America was founded on standing up against what they don't believe in.


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