Monday, October 15, 2012

Tyler Lacks: Exploration 7

    I decided to look into Hoovervilles some more so I could try and get a better sense of what it was like for the people that had to live in them.  For those that do not know what they were, they were the old run down shacks that were built by homeless people to just provide some form of shelter for their families.  They were usually made out of just scrap metal and cut up wood and whatever other materials that could be gathered to provide the necessary shelter to somewhat escape the elements.  The book indirectly uses these as a temporary place for the Joads to stay at during various points through the book.
    Today we do not generally see what would have been called Hoovervilles, but there are still plenty of people that have had to make their own shelters in the same fashion that those during the Great Depression had to do.  For me they show that people can still muster up the will power to survive longer by any means even if it seems like there is no point in the future to do so.  It is good to be able to have people that are able to share that sense of hope and gives more meaning to everything that we have around us today and how we should cherish them more than we probably do now.

                                           A family in a hooverville during the Great Depression

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