Friday, October 19, 2012

Chapter 23&24

Characters- people migrating

Themes- copeing- people are trying to cope with the situation by writing music or drinking alcohol.
seeking god- preachers preformed mass batizing sesions and gave sermons.

Main idea- people were trying to take thiere minds off of what was going on. they did this with music or drinking. people were also worreing about what there lives were comming to. preechers gave large sermons to try and help the people through it.

1. how do you think the preechers felt about the situation. did they have trouble dealing with the lifestyle.
2. did the preechres take part in the drinking at all?

the chapter was talking about a large group of migrants such as the book has done in the past. it is describing how the people are trying to deal with the troubles of there life. it tells us the ways they coped with the situation. what the chapter did that other chapters had not yet done was showed how worried people acctually were.

Chapter 24

Characters-  duputy sherifs, ezra huston, jule, jackson, al, pa, ma, rose of sharon

Themes- letting go- the migrants get together and have a dance. people go and have a good time and kinda let go for a little while and have a good time.
sticking together- the men get together and stop the men that try to start the riot at the dance. well do you think the men were paid to try and start the riot you think this dance helped people during the hard time

this chapter like many others showed the familys getting together and overcomming a challenge such as stopping the riot. the book never really has showed the migrants getting together for fun like this

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  1. I really like your themes for chapter 24 and I was wondering the same thing about how much the men were paid to start a riot.


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