Monday, December 3, 2012

Martha Graham

Energy builds, surges through my body
drum beats  become my heart beat
eyes closed, i come to life.
places do not matter. only passion. I am unconscious to the problems of the world. 
My body only knows my feelings.

Expression. Creation. No one understands; My lifestyle of expression.
a life style of expression
movement, piece by piece. my body comes to life.
i begin to dance, i flow. like water in a stream.
i take the form of my emotion. 
Dance is my life style of expression, no one understand.

Andy Warhol

Behind the psychedelic wig,
the burlesque pose and the calm attitude,
behind your desire for the world to change
by your electrical sentences,
by your inexplicable behavior
a storm roared:

Exiled to Earth
you could not find meaning to this so common life,
nor find peace in your everyday,
nor even in the vain pleasures that you showed,
nor in the vague experience of fame.

Sad like a child,
for the lack of love,
trying to hide in plastic your pain
no sedative could make disappear
your almost painted violet tears.

And in that suffer you found
the necessary light
to change your habitat
that of the common consumer citizen
and trade it for that Technicolor heaven,
which acted as a narcotic in your mind.

You then got drunk
with the flashing lights
that blinked
in Hollywood’s sky
and you became sick,
sick with a social disease.

From intellectuals to Bohemian street people
everybody was welcome in your Factory;
your home, your place of peace
where anybody could attain
“15 minutes of fame”.

Your unbelievable talent
will always be remembered
In a way or another, you've made a difference,
you've change the world.

andy warhol
 "Warhol Self-portrait"

Frank Lloyd Wright

An American Creator

Nature is the key
Smoothly it flows like the sea
Originality is essential
For a structure among the trees

The water is a guideline
It flows along with the design
The building is almost divine
Giving off a sense of sublime

Going against the grain
Is how I created my domain
To never accept defeat
Is to be among the elite

I connect structure and society
By giving the public some variety
Most think my goal is to amaze
Because I leave my audience in a daze

I design for humanity
For my structures are created organically
I am Frank Lloyd Wright
I am the American knight
Of Architecture

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein is a pop artist that tells stories through his work. I decided to try and put together a poem using his pieces of artwork. The poem shares the love life of a young women between two men and her decision.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Extra Credit Poem

Maya Angelou
Her name is Maya Angelou
I bet there is a lot you don’t know about her though.
For instance, she is a wonderful poet.
She would be so proud of this writing, I just know it.
She is an African American star
Even the first of her kind to drive a cable car
Her dreams and passions she never gave up.
As a single mother, she worked very hard and believed in luck.
But with her music and poetry she did  not want to stop.
Until she was in television and films was she at the top.

The sky was the limit when she set her bar,
As she did nothing that would ever settle for par.
Day after day, night after night
She continued to fight for human Civil Rights.
Malcolm X, she stood by, along with Dr. King
Maya even told why the caged bird sings.
She lives as inspiration to woman of all
Races, religions, even the old and small.
She is good friends with Oprah, no surprise there
The two together are quite the pair.
Now that you’ve read this you will always know
Everything there is about Maya Angelou.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extra Credit Poem

Stephen Hawking, the Man Who Keeps On Talking

Born on the death of Galileo, a great thinker
Hawking looked for the answer, like those who study cancer
He thought of how us humans who started out in ruins, came to our existence
He knew his love - It was that world in the distance.
His mind helped him come up with phenomenal principles which were quite brilliant
He was a man who was resilient
Inspired by the sheer size of the universe
He may not have been able to say a word and converse
But he wasn't going anywhere, and definitely not on a hearse.
His computer made his problem quite minimal and understands his words
Which were subliminal.
His mind and body don’t get along
But he is a man who is strong, no matter what ALS might do
His brain will continue to construe the worldview on the world beyond the blue.
The sky is not the limit for hawking, whose disease could not stop him from talking
He believes “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”
his success is one that proved he used his own guidance, and knew his goals were within range.
Hawking is iconic.
His ideas were chronic, when physicists took his tonic it made them feel as if they were travelling super sonic
With a PHD on black holes he soon defined Hawking Radiation, a theory that struck the nations.
A central theme in theoretical physics, his ideas were not at all gimmicks
To this day Hawking continues talking, sharing his ample knowledge and theories with the people
We regard his feats with awe, for it was quite substantial and proved to be a sample of his unique virtue.

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Extra Credit Poem

Michael Halpin
English 1110 at 5:45
Mike Lohre

Sally Ride Poem (Extra Credit)
I was born in the month of May
More specifically, on the 26th day
I grew up in the city of L.A.
But there, I did not want to stay
I decided to pack my bags and go away
I soon landed a job with N-A-S-A
With a doctorate from Stanford, my knowledge I applied
As I filled American women with a great sense of pride

I guess you could say that I won the big race
Since I was America’s first woman in outer space
I achieved something great, my goals I did chase
The Astronaut Hall of Fame is a pretty good place
I know that I will always be thought of with such grace
And that my footsteps will always be something to trace
This very year is the year that I died
By now you probably guessed it, my name is Sally Ride

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