Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extra Credit Poem

Stephen Hawking, the Man Who Keeps On Talking

Born on the death of Galileo, a great thinker
Hawking looked for the answer, like those who study cancer
He thought of how us humans who started out in ruins, came to our existence
He knew his love - It was that world in the distance.
His mind helped him come up with phenomenal principles which were quite brilliant
He was a man who was resilient
Inspired by the sheer size of the universe
He may not have been able to say a word and converse
But he wasn't going anywhere, and definitely not on a hearse.
His computer made his problem quite minimal and understands his words
Which were subliminal.
His mind and body don’t get along
But he is a man who is strong, no matter what ALS might do
His brain will continue to construe the worldview on the world beyond the blue.
The sky is not the limit for hawking, whose disease could not stop him from talking
He believes “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”
his success is one that proved he used his own guidance, and knew his goals were within range.
Hawking is iconic.
His ideas were chronic, when physicists took his tonic it made them feel as if they were travelling super sonic
With a PHD on black holes he soon defined Hawking Radiation, a theory that struck the nations.
A central theme in theoretical physics, his ideas were not at all gimmicks
To this day Hawking continues talking, sharing his ample knowledge and theories with the people
We regard his feats with awe, for it was quite substantial and proved to be a sample of his unique virtue.

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