Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exploration 8

the most important thing that stood out to me in the film was that all of this was able to happen and no one really seemed to worried about it when it was happening. and also how bankers and people involved with the bankers could not care so much to do what they were doing and not think twice about it. this really makes you wonder what els goes on like this that the common person wouldnt know about. the information seems a little incomplete when some of the people that were talked about it in the film were not interviewd. we didnt get to hear what they had to say about the situation. but i dint think it would have made much difference for them. wall street executives have power in both political parties because they are advisors to the presedent or are high up in the government system. one direct quote that i found and think is important is "prostitutes were wrote off as a bussiness expence on an industrial level" this says that the wall street executives and the head of the banks used prostitutes and had the people in charge of managing there money write the prostitutes off as a business expense to hide that they were using them. who knows what els they put under business expences that really dont belong under that catagory. this is a small example that they were using money for things they had no bussiness using it for and it was money that wasnt even theirs. so all in all there needs to be stricter regulations on how these people use money and how they regulate the ratings on stocks so they cant be rated AAA when they really arent.

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