Monday, November 5, 2012

Exploration 8 Tyler Lacks

    What stood out to me the most from the video was how much corruption showed up throughout the entire marketing business and how we are going deep in debt now because of the lack of regulation on these fraudulent business practices that many large corporations were doing in order to save and gain a few bucks here and there.  The most troubling argument that came from the movie was that when there is fraud throughout the marketing business on an international level with a majority based in our country, there can be severe consequences that can lead to the crippling of a nation financially.  If a nation goes into bankruptcy and can no longer afford a government due to a lack of people having the money to consume in the country or have jobs to pay an income tax, the people lose government sponsored services and cause a larger revolt in the country for reform or collapse.  If the United States fell as a nation, the world we know today would change unimaginably.  China would likely rise and take over our land with other nations joining in and taking their own pieces.  The world would be different for the worse because of the greedy people in business not being satisfied a just being a multi-millionaire and want to become a multi-billionaire instead.
    The most misleading parts are when the interviews have a question asked to someone who seems like they  are being accused of something and they struggle to start a response and it cuts off and goes to a new scene without letting them finish with what could be a legitimate answer and which some could say that it would play against the main argument of the movie.  A lot of Wall Street executives seem to have a lot of power over both political parties because of the amount of money they have and the amount of money that they could get because of the position that they are in.  "When someone left the company, a new person would be hired at one million dollars a month".  They can easily keep their power by keeping any promises of money to the people in Washington.
    After seeing this movie, it seems that we need to start making some laws that make it so that businesses have to start making more of their business information and practices more public to show the public more of what is going on in the business or face large penalties rendering these under the table fraudulent acts not worthwhile in generating revenue and avoiding these poor practices together.  As long as we continue to stay on top of these large businesses and learn from what has happened as a result of poor business practices to try and stay away from another crisis in the future.

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