Monday, November 26, 2012

Keaton Layer: 11/26/12 Nobel Peace Prize & Dalai Lama

Nelson Mandela, The End of Apartheid (1993):
"Such a society should never allow again that there should be prisoners of conscience nor that any person's human right should be violated."

The reason I liked this quote the most was because i felt like it did the best job of wrapping up Mandela's speech, or rather paraphrasing it. What many people had attempted, wanted or desired was so easily put into words of regret after it was over.

Keaton Layer

"On 7 November 1962, Nelson Mandela was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for leaving the country illegally and inciting workers to strike."

This year on November 7th has marked 50 years since Mandela was sentenced.

The Dalai Lama

According to his official website ( the Dalai Lama has three main commitments.
First:  to promote human values
Second: Promote Religious harmony
Third: the Tibetan issue

the tibetan issue is one that has been going on for centuries. it is a deeply divided region with no compromise in sight.


  1. I liked the passage you chose from the readings too and I also agree that there is no compromise in sight for Tibet but something needs to be done.

  2. Good analysis of the quote. The Tibetan region should be liberated from Chinese rule.


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