Monday, November 5, 2012

Inside Job Exp 8

These businessmen that work for Wall Street corporate companies, Wall Street government officials, and powerful US banks are all scum. They do whatever it takes to produce as much money as possible despite how badly it can affect their clients or the economy. Goldman Sachs is a corrupt company that would lie and bet against their own stocks to increase their profit. They would promote poor ratings to AAA and that agency credit rating would misguiding. People would be spending money into unsafe agencies and corporate leaders would profit off of that. These powerful companies are only trying to benefit themselves and want to maintain their influence over the world by squashing everyone below them. They are supported by The Federal Reserve and insiders in the government. Lobbyist and businesses corrupt government officials to protect them within Congress, Senate, and even the executive branch. If the economy wants to get better and if the power differential from the 1% and 99% want to become more balance, reform is needed. A good start would be auditing the Fed and uncovering all the hidden secrets that they refuse to release to the public. It is also important that more people are informed about this corruption. Most people assume The President is usually the reason why the economy fails, but the truth is that the reason why the economy fails is because of these corrupt powers in Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, and other government agencies. People need to open their eyes to the truth that corruption derives from these powers and they have the opportunity to change that by voting for things such as an audit of The Federal Reserve. We have the power to vote in un-corrupted government leaders that can reform the entire system. We have to get rid of the old system and begin all over with a new one.

A quote from the film said, "The poorest as always pay the most." This quote describes how every time the government bails out these businesses from failing the ones that are most affected are the working class.They lose jobs, lose homes, and lose all their wealth.

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  1. I liked your quote. It really represents what happened with the 2008 crisis, where blue collar workers were the most affected.


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