Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extra Credit Poem

Michael Halpin
English 1110 at 5:45
Mike Lohre

Sally Ride Poem (Extra Credit)
I was born in the month of May
More specifically, on the 26th day
I grew up in the city of L.A.
But there, I did not want to stay
I decided to pack my bags and go away
I soon landed a job with N-A-S-A
With a doctorate from Stanford, my knowledge I applied
As I filled American women with a great sense of pride

I guess you could say that I won the big race
Since I was America’s first woman in outer space
I achieved something great, my goals I did chase
The Astronaut Hall of Fame is a pretty good place
I know that I will always be thought of with such grace
And that my footsteps will always be something to trace
This very year is the year that I died
By now you probably guessed it, my name is Sally Ride

I obtained my information about Sally Ride from

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