Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exploration 8: Inside Job Response

Before watching this documentary I had little knowledge as to how badly our nation was damaged after this crisis. This documentary was a real eye opener that really exposed the dark corners of this nationwide problem that everyone seems to overlook. One thing that I found very disturbing in this film was that our own president is giving the very people who caused this problem to happen government jobs. These people should be in jail for fraud. Why has no one taken it upon themselves to put these men and women in jail? It’s no different than going to a state prison and lining up all of the thieves and murderers and telling them, if you pinky promise not to do it again we will let you go, and on top of that we will give you jobs that are paid by the American tax payers. WHAT?? This is something that needs to be fixed; otherwise it will keep repeating this cycle. This is a job that the government is suppose to fix, but that will never happen if the bad guys are what make up our government. The American people need to do their homework and find a person who will truly represent America as a whole.
Another thing that I found that was very difficult to understand was that our schools and jobs are disappearing. One quote from the film that really stuck out to me was that “The first time in history, the average American is less educated and less prosperous than their parents." (Inside Job). This is every nation’s nightmare. No nation wants to go backwards in progress. College for many Americans is too out of reach. The only jobs that are stable and pay enough money to make a decent living require a higher education, leaving most of the nation jobless. How has this slipped past the eyes of our government? People need jobs to live and to keep our nation out of debt. Right now the country is in billions even trillions of dollars in debt and it will only increase if we can’t get people working again.
This documentary really opened my eyes to the problems that our government is causing. I think that more Americans need to view this film so that they too can see what is going on behind closed doors. This is something that will not be easy to change, however it has been done before.

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