Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kris' Exploration 8 : Inside Job

It is truly disgusting to me that these CEO's and chairmen were not only able to break regulation laws, and make billions on a huge national scheme, but the fact that they got away with it and still retain their positions. I can't even begin to understand how that was allowed to happen. No matter if congress or even the president changes, these people are still in office. Obviously, something has to be done to remove these people. Many of the people who were responsible for the scheme declined to be interviewed for the film, to me, that admits guilt. Several of them even said that they would like the cameras off to discuss what happened. What is it they can't tell us, and why should it be a secret? The information the chairmen provided to us were at times irrelevant, and especially incomplete. The executives seem to have both parties by the balls; they have a dangerous amount of wealth to manipulate the system of government. They would even have the ability to pay other countries to spark a world crisis if so desired, and our government would have a delayed reaction and may not be able to resolve that issue. That is flat out scary. They became wealthy off of betting against derivatives of the CDO ratings, which most were fabricated. It was said by a man in the movie whose name I did not catch that:

"The [CDO] ratings were merely opinions".

The opinion of the executives that were to play make-believe and develop a scheme to squirrel away money coming in from our house mortgages and other payment types. Unfortunately, we are common people and have no amount of power to deconstruct and mend the corrupt system of the shareholders. Even if some of us were to go through the proper schooling to be in their positions, the second we would try to bring about change, we would be bribed, slandered, and possibly even assassinated. It sounds extremely ridiculous to think that way, but they have enough money to make it possible.

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  1. "The ratings were merely opinions". It is shameful to know that the most creditable institutions that rate financial stability could be bought by money. It is sad to think that there is nothing money can not buy.


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