Monday, November 5, 2012

The Inside Job

A common phrase uttered in business nowadays is "with risk comes reward".  Unfortunately, a lot of big corporations have taken this way to far.  The film states, "during the Reagan administration, the beginning of a thirty year deregulation in the financial sector."  When deregulation combines with the financial sector it opens up a lot room for risk, but profit as well.  When the top dogs in business saw the chance to gain more money they never looked back.  No matter how risky the investment was they would still go through with it.  This was the beginning of the financial crisis we've recently gone through.  When CEO's make high risk investments they aren't actually the ones taking the risk.  When the depression hit, a lot of the CEO's got bonus's while everybody else got hurt by it.  It just goes to show how easily money can corrupt people.

On top of CEO's getting big bonuses while the crisis, the 99% (everybody else) was falling into high rates of unemployment.

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