Monday, November 5, 2012

Exploration 8: Inside Job Response

The most important part of the film, Inside Job, was the way in which the information was portrayed to the audience. It was important to have a first-person point-of-view in order to get all the correct information on the topic from people who were actually involved with the incident. The most troubling argument put forth is that of those who are trying to stray the audience from the idea that any wrong-doing was committed during this time. The information seems misleading when they do not have certain members of the incident interviewed for questions. If not everyone will speak who was involved during this time, the audience can never know the full, true story of what happened. Wall Street executives have lots of power in both parties because because they have the money to do so and the money to get what they want. They have kept the power despite changes the same way they have always kept power all along: money. After watching this film, I believe reforms need to be made to Wall Street and the businessmen in the area as it is too corrupt and the men are becoming too powerful. We can research about the stock market and more about how it works to learn more. We should look up how big businesses are doing from day to day to keep ourselves up to date.
"The financial industry is a service industry. It should serve others before it serves itself. " Christine Lagarde said this in the film and I found it interesting that she thought this because most average Americans who have little knowledge about this field and the way it works think that those in the financial industry only care about serving themselves and making money for them first, not for others. I know this is how I feel about this is industry which is why I found this quote from Lagarde in the movie very interesting.
The above website could help us to better understand the film and research more about the issues in it on our own time and in better depth.

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