Friday, November 30, 2012

Extra Credit Poem

Maya Angelou
Her name is Maya Angelou
I bet there is a lot you don’t know about her though.
For instance, she is a wonderful poet.
She would be so proud of this writing, I just know it.
She is an African American star
Even the first of her kind to drive a cable car
Her dreams and passions she never gave up.
As a single mother, she worked very hard and believed in luck.
But with her music and poetry she did  not want to stop.
Until she was in television and films was she at the top.

The sky was the limit when she set her bar,
As she did nothing that would ever settle for par.
Day after day, night after night
She continued to fight for human Civil Rights.
Malcolm X, she stood by, along with Dr. King
Maya even told why the caged bird sings.
She lives as inspiration to woman of all
Races, religions, even the old and small.
She is good friends with Oprah, no surprise there
The two together are quite the pair.
Now that you’ve read this you will always know
Everything there is about Maya Angelou.

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