Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exploration 11 Tyler Lacks

   My favorite passage from the selection of speeches was out of the Nelson Mandela speech, towards the end where he says, "Let the efforts of us all prove that he was not a mere dreamer when he spoke of the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace being more precious than diamonds or silver or gold.  Let a new age dawn!" (Mandela 633).  This passage was pretty powerful to me because it was just a sort of shout out to how Dr. King did this before and Mandela almost seems to be insinuating that he too is also willing to die for his cause to strive for the ultimate society climate of equally and peace without having to worry about violence or being attacked by anyone due to race or class and it shows how this is a major mile stone to what is to come in the country of South Africa.
   I found that it pretty interesting to see that if Mandela was not imprisoned for as long as he had been, that he might not have gone on to do the things that he did.  In prison he actually made a fool of most of the prison officials that worked there at Robben Island and became a large leader in the prison for his prison comrades.  This experience actually worked heavily in his favor and he might not have even realized it.  He came out of prison a new man essentially even more driven to achieve his goals from the banned ANC with the help of his now fine tuned leadership skills that he had acquired while imprisoned.

   The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the people of Tibet.  The government of China threatened Tibet as the current Dalai Lama assumed the power of Tibet.  The current Dalai Lama has been in exile in India for the last half century by China due to the struggles between the two.  It was odd reading about the stuff involved with this because of how different of a world it is over there.  Everything is run based on a religion and I grew up basically without religion.  It all seemed so different for me.

The Dalai Lama receiving an honorary award for his work with humanitarianism.


  1. I think it is wrong that the Dalai Lama was forced into exile, he is peaceful it believes in non-violence. Why can't he stay in his own country, it is not like he is going to cause a violent uprising against the Chinese government.

  2. I think China should give back what is rightfully the Dalai Lamas. He deserves to be able to move back to his own part of the world and do what he wants as long as he is not attacking China.

  3. Of all of the passages out of Mandela's speech, I too agree this was the best.


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