Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Groups for Presentations

Sierra and Michael: CCC
Larrisa and Garrett: Dust Bowl
Daryn and Kevin: Building Hoover Dam
Christian and Ryan: Securities and Exchange Commission
Peter and John: Prohibition and its repeal
Alex and Dakota: Bonnie and Clyde
Nebras and Dillon: Joe Lewis
Dakota and Kris: Bonus Army
Keaton and Tyler: Dorthea Lange
Spencer and Paul: Black Tuesday Oct. 29, 1929
Roman and Gonzalo: FDR

Monday, September 24, 2012

List of possible topics for Presentations

Amelia Earhart, aviation
Herbert Hoover, politician
Frankin D. Roosevelt, politician
Richard Correl, artist
Thomas Hart Benton, artist
Jean Harlow, actress
Edward Hopper, artist
Joe Hill, labor leader
Huey Long, politican
Bonnie and Clyde, bank robbers
John Dillinger, bank robber
Al Capone, gangster and mafia boss
Sinclair Lewis, writer
Mabel Dwight, painter from Ohio
Charlie Chaplin, actor, producer
Joe Lewis, boxer
Al Capone, mob boss
Lou Gehrig, baseball star
Che Guevara, rebel
Dorthea Lange, photographer
Bing Crosby, singer
Black Tuesday, Oct. 29 1929 stock market crash
NRA act.  National Recovery Administration
Auto-Lite strike in Toledo, Ohio
The Dust Bowl
Prohibition and its repeal
Smoot-Harley tariffs
Completion of the Empire State Building
Opening of the Golden Gate bridge
Lake Placid Olympics in New York
Battle of Matewan
Child Labor Amendment
Building Hoover Dam
18th and 21st amendments
KKK reaches peak influence
1st freeway in L.A.
Lincoln Tunnel in NYC built
Seabisquit achives fame
The Harlem Renessance

Groups and Organizations
Share our Wealth Society
Famers Security Administraton
National Union for Social Justice
Bonus Army, veterans of World War I (also an event, as they protested in D.C., to tragic results)
Civilian Conservation Corps C.C. C.
Works Progress Administration W.P.A.
S.E.C. Securities and Exchange Commision
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Reserve
March of Dimes

About Me

     I am Tyler Lacks, and I am from Upper Arlington and still live there to make the hour commute to school three days a week.  I lived in the same home my whole life by the Upper Arlington High School.  I currently work at an Ace Hardware store called Nutter Hardware.  I am going into engineering, but unsure of which discipline though.  I have always enjoyed math and science, but not labs.  I am better at theoretical based learning than experimental when it comes to science labs, but with other subjects, I need to have hands on learning.  I love playing golf and football whenever I actually get some down time and have the opportunity to do these things.
     "Until that moment, when I stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occurred to me that I might have given him that infection.  But the truth is I may have.  One of us certainly did".  In the essay "On Washing Hands" This quote just kind of says hey, we are treating and curing disease and illness as much as spreading it.  I do not know about you, but that is a bit creepy to me.  I thought that the part about the compliance rates was the most important part and struck me the most.  It showed a correlation between the compliance of the rules of washing hands and illness spreading in hospitals which was a large concern.  For whatever reason, doctors thought that washing hands more would actually hurt the patients and waste more time for the doctors.  I learned that doctors can be stubborn to just look at some facts that would make them think twice about spending fifteen extra seconds to just wash there hands or use a sanitizing lotion.  I also did not know that 100% alcohol would actually be harmful to your hands as opposed to a diluted high percentage of alcohol.


Hello my name is Alex Cruz and I'm from Dublin Ohio. I consider myself to be a nice person and someone who is pretty easy to talk to. I love the buckeyes and football overall. I graduated from Bishop Watterson High-school in downtown Columbus. My favorite holiday is Christmas but thanksgiving can definitely come close. I love the transition to college and am looking forward to the next few years of my life. I am currently studying to major in business administration but am also undecided and unsure if that will be my true vocation.
"until that moment, when I stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occurred to me that I might have given him that infection.But the truth is I may have. One of us certainly did."
This essay by Atul Gawande made me realize how much stress and pressure doctors are under. They are constantly changing others lives and in this story Atul reflects on the importance of washing hands and the spread of deadly bacteria. He explains how doctors themselves must take the proper precautions as doctors in order to keep their patient healthy and avoid the spread of deadly bacteria. At the conclusion of Atul's essay he describes a patient who is suffering from MRSA and describes his feelings saying one of us doctors caused this. Something that many doctors would try to deny but Atul feels responsible for the state of the patient and concludes the essay by saying "one of us certainly did" when talking about how the patient got sick.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little bit about me

Hello everyone! I am Gonzalo Adriazola. Yes, the guy that doesn't dress normal. The reason for that is my job has a strict dress code and I come to class right after work. I am a licensed insurance agent for Western & Southern Financial group in the Columbus office.
I am originally from Peru, a beautiful country in South America. Over a year ago I came to the United States with my mom and even though at the beginning everything was complicated, every day I convince myself that United States is a country of opportunities were there are no limits if you really want to achieve your dreams.
I have already met some of you, but I look forward to know all of you and become a good friend. By the way, I am part of the 2012 Homecoming Court and I will really appreciate if you could vote for me :)

"Most of the time, I don't even notice it. It's annoying, but so is wearing pantyhose to work. It ruins my hair, but so does the humidity in Florida, where I live. For many women, the veil is neither a symbol nor a statement. it's simply what they wear, as their mothers did before them. Something to dry your face with after your ablutions before prayer. A place for toddler to hide when he's feeling shy. Even for a woman like me, who wears it with a hint of rebellion, hijab is just not that big of a deal. Except when it is.

I liked this fragment because I have heard similar statements by Somali friends who have the same religion as the writer. I've always tried to understand why they behave in such a "different" way and finally I realized that for them is normal, is what their mothers and the mothers of their mothers used.
Its their culture, something to respect and understand.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sierra Miller

     My name is Sierra Miller. I have lived in Ohio my entire life. I enjoy being outdoors, being with family and friends and having lots of fun. My favorite past time is night fishing and camping. I'm the middle child and only girl in my family of five. I came to OSU Marion to earn my undergraduates degree in health science. My main goal for a career is to become a dentist.
"Each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, two million Americans acquire an infection while they are in the hospital. Ninety thousand die of that infection." This was a quote taken from the essay "On Washing Hands" by Atul Gawande, and it is a very surprising fact about the American health facilities. When a person is asked to describe a hospital many would most likely say a clean, sterile, and environmentally safe place. People who have become ill and need a professionals help to regain a healthy life expect a hospital to be a place where they can get better, not worse. Knowing that two million Americans get an infection while at the hospital from their own doctor just because they don't wash their hands is shocking. It makes you wonder, if they don't wash their hands in the hospital then what would make them wash them outside of work? People touch everything all the time and if one person has an infection it wont take long for that infection to spread to other healthy unsuspecting victims. Its also very ironic that these doctors are one of the main causes for the spread of disease, when they themselves have dedicated their lives to trying to prevent these infections from happening. You would think that the simple task of washing their hands would be more important, knowing that it could prevent others from getting sick.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello, I'm Dakota Barnett

I am a freshman here at Marion OSU, with a planned major in mechanical engineering. I enjoy video games and books. I decided to go into engineering to make some of the things that are science fiction, reality. My other hobbies include: model building and doodling.

"You Herr Professor, have been a partner in this massacre..."

I enjoyed reading "On Washing Hands". The spread of disease in hospitals is a serious problem. One that is comparable to everyday life. The spread of germs is a problem everywhere; schools, restaurants, and other public places. If more people washed their hands the spread of disease would drop substantially. I personally have always been a little grossed out when people use the restroom, but leave without washing their hands. Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs as stated in this essay.

Michael Halpin and Response

Hello, my name is Michael Halpin. I am 18 years old. I graduated from Highland High School last spring. I decided to attend the Ohio State University because of the academic opportunity that the university provides. I also wanted to feel the pride of being a Buckeye that you hear everybody talk about at Ohio State. After definitely deciding on Ohio State, I was still unsure weather to attend main campus in Columbus or the Marion Campus. I ended up choosing the Marion Campus, because I thought I would be too overwhelmed at the huge Columbus Campus. So far, I am glad that I made that decision.

"Semmelweis was a genius, but he was also a lunatic, and that made him a failed genius." This is my favorite passage from "On Washing Hands" by Atul Gawande  because I thought it was funny how the author first describes Semmelweis as a genius, and then calls him a failed genius since he is a lunatic. After reading this essay, what struck me the most was the fact that most doctors do not even wash their hands when they go from patient to patient. This definitely needs to change, because the doctors are spreading disease if they do not wash their hands. Also after reading this, I learned that there are many different ways to wash your hands other than just using soap. For example you can use some types of alcohols and it will kill the germs on your hands just as good as plain soap would. Also this way of washing your hands is a lot faster than using hand soap.


About Me

Hi, my name is Spencer Davidson. I am a graduate from Bucyrus High School.  It's a medium sized town just North of here, if you dont know the town you might have heard of the Bratwurst Festival.  As I attended Bucyrus High School, I played football, basketball and baseball.  I am attending OSU Marion for Biomedical Engineering.  My major mostly consists of math and chemistry, so if you see me around dont be affraid to say hi.

The essay that struck me the most is "On Washing Hands."  Before reading this essay I never thought about doctors spreading germes through the halls of the hospital.  In my life, my mom has recently passed in a hospital.  She had smoked her self to death.  I remember she had a stroke like symptom and had lost most of her brain functions.  When visiting her in the hospital it was hard to tell if she knew me.  I remember she always smiled when she saw me, but she couldnt talk, and she smiled to everyone.  She had spent two years in the hospital and never recovered.  While in the hospital she always got sick with amonia.  Every person had to wear a gown and put on gloves before seeing her.  Her immune system couldnt handle the simplest tasks.  But after reading this essay, it kinda gets me thinking doctors had passed bacteria from another patient.  Doctors and nurses were constantly giving her medicine and washing her.  Maybe a couple forgot to wash their hands.  In conclusion doctors should always wash their hands, with no fight at all! My favorite part in the essay is when the doctor realizes he may have passed bacteria to his patient at the end."Until that moment, when i stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occurred to me that i might have given him that infection. but the truth is i may have. one of us certainly did."

Introduction & Reading Essay: Ryan Starner

My name is Ryan Starner and I am from Tiffin, Ohio.  I graduated from Tiffin Columbian High School.  While I was at Columbian I was on the golf and basketball team.  I enjoyed playing basketball more because most of my friends were on the team too.  I worked at Subway my junior and senior year and I had to quit when I came to OSUM.  Now that I'm in college, my major is agricultural business and economics.  I am excited to be here and I can't wait to get down to main campus. 

I have chosen to write about "Shrouded in Contradiction."  "The veil masks erotic freedom, but its advocates believe hijab transcends the erotic-or expands it."  That quote is on page 331, at the bottom, paragraph 11.  This quote stood out to me because ever since 9/11 some people will make a comment saying that they are a terrorist because they are wearing a hijab.  I don't think people should think like that or discriminate just because of how they dress. The way women dress plays a huge role in their religion.  There was a part in the reading where Gelareh puts her scarf is showing her neck and she had to fix it because she was getting yelled at.  That is one of the main points that I got from this piece.

Larissa's Introduction and Response

My name is Larissa Stover and I'm from Prospect, Ohio. I'm nineteen years old and a freshman at The Ohio State University at Marion majoring in Agricultural Communication. I hope to someday work for a large agricultural business by promoting them to other farmers and businesses. I live with my Mother and Stepfather but I have two sisters, two stepsisters, a stepbrother, a sister-in-law, a brother-in-law, and two beautiful nieces. My wonderful family members are spread out all over the state of Ohio and even the United States. I am the baby of all my siblings; my family is my world. I love the Ohio State Buckeyes and I am proud to finally call myself one of the elite.

"None have been more daring than I. I've found wound my scarf into a turban, leaving my neck bare to the breeze. The woman in black is a government employee paid to police public morals. "Fix your scarf at once!" she snaps." This is a direct quote taken from the essay entitled "Shrouded in Contradiciton" by Gelareh Asayesh, I felt sad for the writer because she was stuck living a life that she did not choose or enjoy. She never wanted to wear the hijab which she was forced to wear by her family, fellow community members, and even government officials. Her rebelliousness against the sacred hijab and scarf struck me because it is hard to imagine a young woman brave enough to stand up to her own country and religion, especially in a country that does not tolerate such behavior from women. I thought it was important that she stood up and acted out so often in her life because it gave her the strength to come to the United States and make a life for herself where she is always able to be whoever she wants to be and she can wear whatever she feels like. The essay made me rethink the way the women are treated in countries which require them to wear the hijab. Even if they are scorching hot or just feel like showing their heads, they are not allowed because all the men have power over them and force them to continue wearing the thick clothing. Asayesh explains the clothing as being contradicting because sometimes she feels connected to her religion and where she comes from through the hijab, but at the same she does not enjoy because she knows her being forced to wear it and the way she is being treated is not how life is supposed to be. She has experienced freedom in the United States and her veil makes her realize how much is taken away from her back in her homeland of Iran.

Keaton Layer - About Me

I am a graduate of Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, Ohio. I graduated a year early and am only 17 years old, until October. I don't do a lot of sports, in fact the last time I was on a school team was 8th grade lacrosse, needless to say I was awful, but I had fun. I do enjoy playing Frisbee golf and biking too. My interests include cars and photography, I am not much of a gamer but I do have quite a bit of video games that I never touch.

"Out of the three thousand mothers who delivered babies at the hospital where Sammelweis worked, six hundred or more died of the disease each year--a horrifying 20 percent maternal death rate." I thought the essay On Washing Hands was really interesting because of the statistics presented for us. It's amazing to know that there was a 20 percent maternal death rate each year, and about 600 babies were dying every year, but as soon as Semmelweis demanded his associates start washing their hands more, the death rate the next year dropped back down to one percent. If there is anything i could learn or take away from this essay it is that to always keep my hands clean because the spread of disease and bacteria could happen from ANYTHING.

Kris Brown's Intro Blog

My name is Kris Brown and I'm a graduate from Mount Gilead High School. I currently have no job but over the summer I worked as a lifeguard at the Mt. Gilead pool. In addition to being a lifeguard, I work at a farm down the road from me. I bail hay, straw, and do all sorts of chores in between. In high school, I played baseball, ran cross country, swam senior year and also ran track after being cut from baseball my senior year. I only got my varsity letter through swimming; I'm not very athletic. I enjoy gaming, climbing things, messing around with a guitar, sketching, painting, but mostly just being around friends.

In the essay "On Washing Hands" by Atul Gawande, my favorite passage reads as...
"Out of three thousand mothers who delivered babies at the hospital where Semmelweis worked, six hundred or more died of [Puerperal fever] each year--a horrifying 20 percent maternal death rate. Of mothers delivering at home, only 1 percent died. Semmelweiss concluded that doctors themselves were carrying the disease between patients, and he mandated that every doctor and nurse on his ward scrub with a nail brush and chlorine between patients. The puerperal death rate immediately fell to 1 percent--incontrovertible proof, it would seem, that he was right."

This to me happened to be the most interesting thing in the essay. It's crazy to think that the people hired to take care and cure the ill are partly to blame for their death rate. I never really thought even back then that this was such an issue, let alone as severe of one today. Obviously with the issue addressed, it's even more important to us that we keep our hands clean to stay free of germs, diseases, and viruses.

Dakota's Intro and Response

          My name is Dakota Taylor. I am currently working on getting a degree in electrical engineering. I went to Olentangy Orange High School and I live in Powell. I commute to school, lucky only three days a week, instead of living in Marion. Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to come to Ohio State, my whole family is obsessed with the Buckeyes. So when I told everyone that I was going to OSU they were all very excited. Before now I have had no experience with blogs, but I hope to learn.

          "We have gone so far to add an extra person to the team, known as the circulating nurse, whose central job is, essentially, to keep the team antiseptic." I found it very interesting how far the medical field has come, sterilization wise in jut the last 20 years. We have come from only washing hands for surgery, to wearing full sterile suits and using only tools that have been cleaned in a steam bath. Also they have added a whole new job that makes it easier for the surgeons to get clean and sterile tools in the middle of the surgery.

John (Jake) Bingham's Intro

I was born in Westerville Ohio and lived there until fourth grade. I moved to O'Fallon Missouri and I started my competitive soccer career. I played for a great team even though we lost a lot I still had a lot of fun. I eventually moved back to Ohio because my dad received a promotion and continued to play soccer. I also started to get into snowboarding and paint balling. I also love to play video games even though I am not really proud of my addiction. I also work at the Columbus Zoo and sell food to the people wondering the zoo. A lot of people actually don't know that I received vary bad second degree burns from this job. My hand went into a deep-frier while I was attempting to clean it. So ever since I have been looking for a different job.

The essay, "On Washing Hands" made me realize how many diseases where really in hospitals and the precautions the try to take to prevent these infections from spreading. I always knew a hospital was a place where a disease could explode, but I never knew the doctors and nurses where always fighting to prevent these diseases from spreading. I was shocked when the book said, "Each year two million Americans acquire an infection while they are in the hospital. Ninety thousand die of that infection" because I have been in the hospital several times for serious injuries.
My name is Kevin Nguyen and I am a Vietnamese Asian American. I'm actually 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 Caucasian. I've lived in Worthington, OH my whole life and graduated from Worthington Kilbourne High School. Back in high school all my friends called me Khoa (Kuh-wah), as that is my Vietnamese name. I don't mind being called Kevin or Khoa, either is cool with me. Unfortunately I didn't make it past the wait list for OSU Main and decided to try and stay close to home and attend Marion/Delaware. In the end it turned out that the Delaware classes didn't support the ones for my biology major and so I had to take all my classes here at the Marion campus. I have lots of interest in sports, games, and just hanging out with cool people. In high school I played lacrosse for four years and my senior year I joined an indoor soccer league. Currently, I don't have any plans for jobs and just want to focus on my studies and prepare myself for a transfer to main campus next year. I hope to have a good year.

"No part of human skin is spared from bacteria. Bacterial counts on the hands range from five thousand to five million colony-forming units per square centimeter." My favorite passage was paragraph 6 on page 208; this is when Gawande provides example letters from Semmelweis,who is attacking medical doctors against his research, claiming the doctors are murderers. After reading, I learned how important washing your hands truly is and that it can sometimes be the only barrier between life and death for a person. While reading the essay I got to the point where I was itching to wash my hands so bad because the more and more I read the more worried I got by how many bacterium I could have picked up throughout the day.

Intro to Daryn with response

     My name is Daryn Lyons and I am from Columbus, OH. I went to Worthington Kilbourne High School. I have an orange tabby cat named Garfield. Over the summer I went to Virginia Beach and by a lake in North Carolina. I accomplished so many things while I was vacationing at these places. This was the first time I white water rafted, rode a horse, and went tubing behind a boat.
    "Until that moment, when I stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occur ed to me that I might have given him that infection. But the truth is I may have. One of us certainly did." This quote basically summarizes the entire essay. The essay had two different ideas that related closely to each other. The first was about the importance of medical staff washing their hands because this greatly reduces the bacterium spread throughout the hospital. The second idea asked why it was so hard for medical staff to wash their hands regularly. I learned that less doctors wash their hands on a regular basis than I thought. The idea that some doctors/surgeons are preforming surgery after they may have even just had lunch without washing their hands is repulsive. I completely agree with the quote in the essay on page 211 halfway through paragraph 18. The engineer asks the simple question "Why can't you?" in reference to washing their hands. This is a question that should not have an excuse.

Peter's Intro and Response

     Hi name is Peter Vaccarella.  I went to Thomas Worthington High School and am currently commuting to Marion campus.  I am hoping to transfer over to main campus after my first year here.  I played lacrosse in high school, but I don't play anymore.  I'm majoring in Computer Sciences in the College of Engineering.  I currently do not have a job, but I have saved up a lot of money from previous jobs to be able to not work during school to hopefully aid in getting good grades.

      "I feel like a child.  Defiant, but powerless.  Burning with injustice, but also with a hint of shame."  When she puts her turban up to cool off and gets yelled at right away, it's somewhat of a contradiction when she says this.  She's saying that she doesn't agree with having to cover up with the scarf and wants to argue back, but she also feels a little bit of shame.  She hates having to abide by traditions but she also realizes that it is the right thing for her to do.

Christian Watson- Things About Me


I'm Christian Watson. I'm an architecture major here at The Ohio State University. I go to school full time and work as a Customer Service Manager at Kroger. I live in Powell, OH and graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School. I played baseball there for four years. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I lived there for ten years. I'm an avid sports fan. I follow all Chicago professional sports such as the Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, and Bulls as well as the Ohio State Buckeyes. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also like to travel to new places, so every year I go visit a new major league baseball stadium. I've been to about half of them so far. It's always a new experience every year.


"No part of the human skin is spared from bacteria. Bacterial counts on the hands range from five thousand to five million colony-forming units per square centimeter" This quote, from Atul Gawande's On Washing Hands, made me literally look at my hands and question how many germs I had on them at that very moment. I felt disgusted and unclean. I enjoyed the short story but was amazed at how easily diseases are pased throughout hospitals. I thought it was an automatic thing for doctors to wash their hands before dealing with a patient. I was shocked when 70% of doctors and nurses washed their hands and the amount of diseases spread was unaffected. The idea that it was a collective effort got across to me very quickly.

Dillon's Intro and Response

My name is Dillon Steinhilber. I graduated in the class of 2012 from River Valley High School, about 5 minutes down the road from here. Nowadays I spend most of my time doing college stuff, like doing homework, studying, or actually being at class. I also work on the weekends at Rosa and Rocco's. Before college took over my life I enjoyed a wide multitude of things like working on my Camaro, woodworking, playing drum set, hanging out with my friends, having bonfires and just having fun in general. I live in the country so we shoot stuff a lot and have big bon-fire parties, its pretty awesome. I don't do any of those things nearly enough any more. Now I'm usually in my little corner office in my basement wondering how to write lab reports and being lost in the engineering pre-lab homework, but on my off days i take advantage of every hour that I don't have to be working.

In the essay that Atul Gawande wrote, On Washing Hands, he concluded "Until that moment, when I stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occurred to me that i might have given him that infection. But the truth is I may have. One of us certainly did." This quote is very alarming to me. How could the people who are supposed to make us better, actually be making us sick? It took me a minute to actually believe what I was reading, but then I realized that we're all human and we all get lazy and forget things. It made me rethink my view of the cleanliness of hospitals and their staff. It also made me really not want to ever have to go to a hospital because I really do not want to get MRSA.

Nebras' Intro and Response

My name is Nebras Alnemer. I'm from Worthington, Ohio and am coming to Marion to study Computer Science & Engineering. I hope to transfer to the Columbus campus next year. I currently work at Donatos pizza, and have been for the past three years. Between school and work, I don't really have much time for other things, but during my free time I'll always be with friends or relaxing at home and listening to music.

In On Washing Hands by Atul Gawande, I was impressed by how complex the author had made washing hands seem. A part from the passage the stood out to me was "Instead, their greatest difficulty is getting clinicians like me to do the one thing that consistently halts the spread of infections: wash our hands".  I understood that washing hands was an important part of personal hygiene, but the scientific analysis of how important it really is and how much it can impact a patients life is amazing. What struck me in this essay was how some doctors would used to neglect washing their hands, and were aware of it.  My favorite passage from the essay was the first paragraph on page 211, where the author discussed how difficult it can be to keep on a routine of washing their own hands.

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 Good luck, have fun, share your ideas, and just let me know when you need help!

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