Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Keaton Layer - About Me

I am a graduate of Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, Ohio. I graduated a year early and am only 17 years old, until October. I don't do a lot of sports, in fact the last time I was on a school team was 8th grade lacrosse, needless to say I was awful, but I had fun. I do enjoy playing Frisbee golf and biking too. My interests include cars and photography, I am not much of a gamer but I do have quite a bit of video games that I never touch.

"Out of the three thousand mothers who delivered babies at the hospital where Sammelweis worked, six hundred or more died of the disease each year--a horrifying 20 percent maternal death rate." I thought the essay On Washing Hands was really interesting because of the statistics presented for us. It's amazing to know that there was a 20 percent maternal death rate each year, and about 600 babies were dying every year, but as soon as Semmelweis demanded his associates start washing their hands more, the death rate the next year dropped back down to one percent. If there is anything i could learn or take away from this essay it is that to always keep my hands clean because the spread of disease and bacteria could happen from ANYTHING.

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  1. Hi Keaton, I couldn't agree more with you about always keeping your hands clean. You never know what people have been doing with there hands sometimes, nor do I want to know, and you can never be too safe. When people leave the bathroom without washing their hands it creeps me out so much. After reading this essay I too am now more aware of my cleaning habits.


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