Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christian Watson- Things About Me


I'm Christian Watson. I'm an architecture major here at The Ohio State University. I go to school full time and work as a Customer Service Manager at Kroger. I live in Powell, OH and graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School. I played baseball there for four years. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I lived there for ten years. I'm an avid sports fan. I follow all Chicago professional sports such as the Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, and Bulls as well as the Ohio State Buckeyes. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also like to travel to new places, so every year I go visit a new major league baseball stadium. I've been to about half of them so far. It's always a new experience every year.


"No part of the human skin is spared from bacteria. Bacterial counts on the hands range from five thousand to five million colony-forming units per square centimeter" This quote, from Atul Gawande's On Washing Hands, made me literally look at my hands and question how many germs I had on them at that very moment. I felt disgusted and unclean. I enjoyed the short story but was amazed at how easily diseases are pased throughout hospitals. I thought it was an automatic thing for doctors to wash their hands before dealing with a patient. I was shocked when 70% of doctors and nurses washed their hands and the amount of diseases spread was unaffected. The idea that it was a collective effort got across to me very quickly.


  1. Dude your missing a paragraph....nice job.

  2. Architecture is a pretty neat thing, I worked with an Architect over the summer in Marion. In that time I designed a new bar and library with him. The computer software being used is amazing, and being able to put the drawings from paper into the computer is actually not too terrible. Its something to be proud of once you've finished.

  3. I played lacrosse with your cousin. Small world.

  4. I am also a huge sports fan, and I also like all the professional sports from one city. However, since I was born and raised in Ohio my favorite sports teams come from the city of Cleveland, OH. This includes the Browns, Cavaliers, and Indians. My favorite sport though is football, so I mainly just follow the Cleveland Browns and the Ohio State Buckeyes football team in the NCAA.


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