Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little bit about me

Hello everyone! I am Gonzalo Adriazola. Yes, the guy that doesn't dress normal. The reason for that is my job has a strict dress code and I come to class right after work. I am a licensed insurance agent for Western & Southern Financial group in the Columbus office.
I am originally from Peru, a beautiful country in South America. Over a year ago I came to the United States with my mom and even though at the beginning everything was complicated, every day I convince myself that United States is a country of opportunities were there are no limits if you really want to achieve your dreams.
I have already met some of you, but I look forward to know all of you and become a good friend. By the way, I am part of the 2012 Homecoming Court and I will really appreciate if you could vote for me :)

"Most of the time, I don't even notice it. It's annoying, but so is wearing pantyhose to work. It ruins my hair, but so does the humidity in Florida, where I live. For many women, the veil is neither a symbol nor a statement. it's simply what they wear, as their mothers did before them. Something to dry your face with after your ablutions before prayer. A place for toddler to hide when he's feeling shy. Even for a woman like me, who wears it with a hint of rebellion, hijab is just not that big of a deal. Except when it is.

I liked this fragment because I have heard similar statements by Somali friends who have the same religion as the writer. I've always tried to understand why they behave in such a "different" way and finally I realized that for them is normal, is what their mothers and the mothers of their mothers used.
Its their culture, something to respect and understand.


  1. I agree with your evaluation of the text. Everyone needs to learn to accept other cultures. After all, aren't we all foreign in some way and have our own cultures that we follow? Also, what you wear reminds me of my school because I was forced to wear a button down shirt and tie to my school every day. Good luck with your homecoming goal.

  2. I agree with what you said about the text and it is really interesting that you know people who feel the same way. I hope you are the 2012 OSUM Homecoming KIng!!


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