Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello my name is Alex Cruz and I'm from Dublin Ohio. I consider myself to be a nice person and someone who is pretty easy to talk to. I love the buckeyes and football overall. I graduated from Bishop Watterson High-school in downtown Columbus. My favorite holiday is Christmas but thanksgiving can definitely come close. I love the transition to college and am looking forward to the next few years of my life. I am currently studying to major in business administration but am also undecided and unsure if that will be my true vocation.
"until that moment, when I stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occurred to me that I might have given him that infection.But the truth is I may have. One of us certainly did."
This essay by Atul Gawande made me realize how much stress and pressure doctors are under. They are constantly changing others lives and in this story Atul reflects on the importance of washing hands and the spread of deadly bacteria. He explains how doctors themselves must take the proper precautions as doctors in order to keep their patient healthy and avoid the spread of deadly bacteria. At the conclusion of Atul's essay he describes a patient who is suffering from MRSA and describes his feelings saying one of us doctors caused this. Something that many doctors would try to deny but Atul feels responsible for the state of the patient and concludes the essay by saying "one of us certainly did" when talking about how the patient got sick.

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  1. I like the buckeyes and Christmas as well. I also agree with you that doctors are under a lot of stress from work and other events going on in their lives. It is very easy to forget to wash your hands after touching someone else. I don't think I could do it so I am not going into any medical programs. Good luck at finding the right major for you.


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