Monday, September 24, 2012

About Me

     I am Tyler Lacks, and I am from Upper Arlington and still live there to make the hour commute to school three days a week.  I lived in the same home my whole life by the Upper Arlington High School.  I currently work at an Ace Hardware store called Nutter Hardware.  I am going into engineering, but unsure of which discipline though.  I have always enjoyed math and science, but not labs.  I am better at theoretical based learning than experimental when it comes to science labs, but with other subjects, I need to have hands on learning.  I love playing golf and football whenever I actually get some down time and have the opportunity to do these things.
     "Until that moment, when I stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occurred to me that I might have given him that infection.  But the truth is I may have.  One of us certainly did".  In the essay "On Washing Hands" This quote just kind of says hey, we are treating and curing disease and illness as much as spreading it.  I do not know about you, but that is a bit creepy to me.  I thought that the part about the compliance rates was the most important part and struck me the most.  It showed a correlation between the compliance of the rules of washing hands and illness spreading in hospitals which was a large concern.  For whatever reason, doctors thought that washing hands more would actually hurt the patients and waste more time for the doctors.  I learned that doctors can be stubborn to just look at some facts that would make them think twice about spending fifteen extra seconds to just wash there hands or use a sanitizing lotion.  I also did not know that 100% alcohol would actually be harmful to your hands as opposed to a diluted high percentage of alcohol.

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