Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Introduction & Reading Essay: Ryan Starner

My name is Ryan Starner and I am from Tiffin, Ohio.  I graduated from Tiffin Columbian High School.  While I was at Columbian I was on the golf and basketball team.  I enjoyed playing basketball more because most of my friends were on the team too.  I worked at Subway my junior and senior year and I had to quit when I came to OSUM.  Now that I'm in college, my major is agricultural business and economics.  I am excited to be here and I can't wait to get down to main campus. 

I have chosen to write about "Shrouded in Contradiction."  "The veil masks erotic freedom, but its advocates believe hijab transcends the erotic-or expands it."  That quote is on page 331, at the bottom, paragraph 11.  This quote stood out to me because ever since 9/11 some people will make a comment saying that they are a terrorist because they are wearing a hijab.  I don't think people should think like that or discriminate just because of how they dress. The way women dress plays a huge role in their religion.  There was a part in the reading where Gelareh puts her scarf is showing her neck and she had to fix it because she was getting yelled at.  That is one of the main points that I got from this piece.


  1. I agree with your response on the story. It's a shame how society can look down on a group of people.

  2. No kidding. People who think that every person of a race or religion can does the same exact thing can put themselves into their own race of ignorant. People should stop thinking of stereotypes and categories for people and not judge them until they have actually gotten to know them.


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