Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dakota's Intro and Response

          My name is Dakota Taylor. I am currently working on getting a degree in electrical engineering. I went to Olentangy Orange High School and I live in Powell. I commute to school, lucky only three days a week, instead of living in Marion. Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to come to Ohio State, my whole family is obsessed with the Buckeyes. So when I told everyone that I was going to OSU they were all very excited. Before now I have had no experience with blogs, but I hope to learn.

          "We have gone so far to add an extra person to the team, known as the circulating nurse, whose central job is, essentially, to keep the team antiseptic." I found it very interesting how far the medical field has come, sterilization wise in jut the last 20 years. We have come from only washing hands for surgery, to wearing full sterile suits and using only tools that have been cleaned in a steam bath. Also they have added a whole new job that makes it easier for the surgeons to get clean and sterile tools in the middle of the surgery.


  1. I actually forgot about that part of the essay where he talks about the specific job of the nurse. I thought that was very interesting as well.

  2. I also completely overlooked that quote and found it extremely interesting.

  3. The medical field has come a very long way in just twenty years, I completely agree with you. It is really interesting all the measures of sterilization that have become to be required just within the past couple years. It is comforting to know though that these measures are being taken while we are in surgery. The sterilization processes will definitely lessen our chances of getting viruses that could be avoided when we go in for a procedure.


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