Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chapters 12-15

         The chapter that was most important to me in the reading so far was chapter fourteen. It really summed up all the hardships a family could go through at this period of time in one short chapter. Grandpa dies, their dog dies, the other families car broke down, and the had to break the law to save money and bury their grandpa in an unmarked grave. The most amazing thing is the way that the Joads can pull through these tragedies and come together to be stronger as a group. They will continue to press on, no longer alone, towards prosperity. "Give us this day-our daily bread-and forgive us-" The breathing had stopped. Casy looked down into grandpa's eyes and they were clear and deep and penetrating, and there was a knowing serene look in them.

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  1. Good post. All of this happened in Chapter 13 though.


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