Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chapters 23 & 24: Ryan Starner

Chapter 23 is about how migrants try to get their mind off everything going on around them by listening to music and have sources of entertainment.  A theme I noticed in this chapter comes back dealing with how music and entertainment helps people escape all of the bad around them.

Chapter 24 is about Tom Joad and some other men work together to try to make sure a riot doesn't break out the night of the dance.  When suspicious men try to start a riot people come to break it up.  They ask them why they wanted to turn on their people and they said it was good pay.  A them in this chapter is that Tom Joad and the group of guys work together to protect the camp.

Question 1:  What helps you temporarily forget about all of the bad things that are happening around you?

Question 2:  Do you think the Joad's will make it once they have to leave the camp?

Passage 1, Page 329: "The fiddle squeaks and the guitar bongs.  Mouth-organ man is red in the face.  Texas boy and the Cherokee girl, pantin' like dogs an' a-beatin' the groun'.  Ol' folks stan' a-pattin' their han's.  Smilin' a little, tappin' their feet."

Passage 2, Pages 332 & 333:  These pages talk about how they need to handle the riot for when it is going to happen during the dance.  They need to not let the fight break out or the camp will have to close.

Chapter 23 and 24 go together because they both deal with music and entertainment. 

Chapter 24 is different from some chapters that deal with how their no more room in California but now there are these camps for people to stay in.

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