Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chapter 22 Analysis

This chapter introduced many new minor characters. As well as containing the Joad family. The new characters were the Women's Committee, the camp manager and several other camp members and committee members.

The main events of this chapter is the Joad family finally settling down somewhere where they feel they belong. Also in this chapter, it shows the serious problem of other groups of people, like the farm association, not wanting the migrates to feel like people. They tried to disrupt the camp. The camper, however, refused to give in to the pressure.

The two main themes in this chapter is the sense of belonging that the Joads develop, along with their feelings like they found a place t settle down for a while, and the other theme is how the people in the area feel about the migrates.

What do you think the Joad's felt when they reached the camp and learned of its set up?

Why do you think the farmers association and police want to break up and disrupt the camp?

Two great passages from this chapter are found on page 290 and on page 307

The first passage starts "The girl kept to her work. Once she set the baby down and tied her birds together with a string..." This paragraph is a great characterization of the young women in the tent next to the Joads.

The second passage starts "Ma wiped the tin dishes and stacked them. She said, 'We're Joads. We don't look up to nobody. Grampa's grandpa, he fit...'" This paragraph is excellent characterization of Ma and it is a great description of Ma's feelings about their trip so far.

This chapter is similar to chapter 8 in which the family is introduced, back then the family did nit worry so much, and Ma was still rested and relaxed.

This chapter contrasts form the chapters in which the family was on the road. When they were worn out and tired. Specifically the camp in this chapter is much different from the camp in chapter 20.

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  1. Good analysis on the chapter. I also thought those passages stuck out as well.


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