Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chapter 13

Chapter 13, like every chapter, is packed full of information to delve into about the book. In Chapter 13, Grampa Joad is not feeling well. The Joads and their crew come across a tent with people camping out. Tom approaches them and the Wilsons welcome them in with open arms. The Wilsons offer Grampa their tent to rest. He eventually suffers a stroke. This chapter to me was a big turning point for the family. The dog and Grampa both died in this chapter; this was a very depressing time for the family.
Here’s my passage:
Tom insisted. “Anyways you’re here an’ we ain’t. You got a right to say if you wan’ neighbors or not.” The appeal to hospitality had an instant effect. The lean face broke into a smile. “Why sure,  come on off the road. Proud to have ya.”


  1. Hello Daryn,
    I agree that this may be a turning point for the family, and that it is a definitely a sad time for the family.

  2. I think that the passage that you pulled from the book also shows how the people on the road longed to be back home in their community. The Joads really had no need to ask to camp out next to the Wilsons, they didn't own that piece of land. I think that by the Joads asking them to camp as neighbors showed how the people heading to California really missed having their community. They missed having a stable environment where everyone had a purpose and a place to call home.


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