Monday, October 22, 2012

CH 22

The characters in this chapter besides the Joads would be the camp manager, Timothy and Wilkie Wallace, Mr. Thomas and other camp members. The Joads arrived to the camp and Tom managed to get the family settled. The family finally had basic necessities that they needed to live such as warm water, food, and security. Tom managed to get a job and learn about the camp and the people in it.

Tom getting his job is a big milestone for the family. The money he makes helps go towards food and living in the camp. Even though the pay was cut because of the Farmers' Association, he is more than willing to take the job. The Farmers' Association is trying destroy the government camps to help remove the "Okies".
What is the Farmers Association and what do they do?
How did Tom get his first Job?

Mr. Thomas said, "Well look out next Saturday" because he was warning them about a fight that was going to happen in the camp. This passage shows that not everyone is against the Okies and that a future is possible even though a large portion of the population around them want them to leave. Another quote is, "You got wash tubs-running water?" which was stated by Ma. This sentence shows how much the Joads don't have. Water is needed for survival and the Joads have just gotten a feeling of hope from hearing about running water.

This chapter can be compared to when Tom came home from jail to find nothing of his house. He eventually found his old friends and neighbors though to help him find his family and support him. Tom went home expecting to find his family but only found destruction until he found his friends. This is similar to him going to the West where he found nothing at first but eventually found the camp where he now has a job. 


  1. I think you did a great job analyzing the quotes from the book that you thought were the best. However, I think that you could have beefed up your summary a little bit. This was a big chapter in the book and I feel like more detail could have been added. Good job overall though.

  2. Chapter 22 I think was a very important chapter for the Joads. Finding this camp and being able to really finally settle down and refresh their bodies and minds I think was crucial for the family. From leaving the farm up to this point the family had been through so much and never really had a chance to process everything. Tom was very lucky to get his work and get more money for the family to live on. I like the comparison of this chapter to the chapter of when Tom comes home. They both have the theme of going from having essentially everything to having nothing.

  3. I think you did a good job of comparing this chapter to the beginning of the book. I agree with you because it was the only other time where you could see hope in the Joads future.


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